4.2.4 Saving Workbooks

Whenever workbooks are created, they are named, by default as workbook1,Workbook2 and so on. Saving the worksheets of these workbooks makes them permanent. To save the work on you worksheets, you should follow the step:


  • Select the Save option from the file menu to save it the disk.
  • You can also click on the save button on the standard toolbar.
  • Name the file you have saved and specify the location at which the workbook should be placed.

Saving Multiple Files
When you have a number of files that are open, you very convenient save them all. You can select the Exit option from the File menu and click on the Yes to all button in the Save as dialog box that is displayed.

Saving as an Html Files:
Excel allows you to publish you workbook data on the web and even move to other files by using hyperlinks.
You can also save an excel worksheets as an HTML file for publishing on the World Wide Web. To do so, you can select the Save as HTML option.