4.2.2 Addressing Of Cells

Each worksheet is made up of cells, and cells are a result of intersection of rows and columns. They are the basic units for storing data. Each cell gets its name from this intersection. The address of a cell that is in column A and has its row number as 4 is referred to as cell A4. A group of contiguous cells is called a range. An example of a cell range would be G1:G3

Cell A1, A2, A3 contains the table Ajay, Paritosh, Shyam.
Cells B4 and C4 contain the value 600 and 400 respectively.
Cell D4 contains the formula = B4-C4.
Pressing the Enter key will result(200) in D4 holding the result of the formula = (B4-C4).


All formula entries should begin with an = (equal to) sign.You can make a cell active by clicking on it.  You can move around in a worksheet with the aid of a mouse or the keyboard, or by using the menu bars. You can use the arrow keys, page up, page down and a host of other keys in combination, to move around in the worksheet.

To move in the worksheet by using the menu bar:
Select the Go to option from the Edit menu or press the F5 function key to open up the Go to dialog box and E2, type the reference of the cell, c lick on the OK button of the goto dialog box. The cell pointer moves to cell E2 immediately.

To move in the worksheet using the Mouse:
Select the cell you want to activate. Place the mouse pointer on it. Click to activate it. Several cells can be grouped to from a cell range, cell ranges are required to be selected for calculation and clicking on each one of them becomes a very tedious task. Cells can be selected using keyboard, mouse. To select a cell range for an instance, you can do the following:

Using Keyboard:

  • Move the cell pointer at the corner of the cell range which you want to select.
  • Click on the starting cell of the range
  • Press and hold down the shift key and then press the arrow keys to select the range.

Using Mouse:

  • Click on a corner of the range you want to select.
  • Drag the mouse over the range.
  • When you reach the end of the range, release the mouse button (refer figure)