4.2.1 Opening of Spread Sheet

Microsoft Excel can be started in following way:

  • Click on Start button in the Windows environment.
  • Select Programs option from the Start menu.
  • Select Microsoft Excel option from the Programs submenu. The following screen is displayed.

    It has user interface features common to other Microsoft Office Application. Each worksheet is made up of cells that are the basic units for storing data

Naming the Sheets:
Excel has its worksheets named as sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 and on. Sheets can be given other names which may prove to be more convenient for task identifications; for example, workbook1 may contain sheets called Student, Mark sheet, Attendance and so o

To name a sheet, follow the step

Double-click the sheet tab to which you want to give a new name. The rename dialog box gets invoked where the new name can be specified.

  • You could go to the sheet tab and click on the right mouse button.
  • Select rename.

Once the dialog box is displayed, give the new name and click on the OK button.