Working with Color and Line Style

Colors to text and shapes makes it attractive. Powerpoint gives us coloring tools to enhance the look of shapes and text except picture.

● First Create a shape or text and select it for coloring !


● First Create a shape or text and select it for coloring !


Line style

You may want to add a line to point to a piece of information, to create a blank signature line, or to separate text.

A connector is a line that has connection points at the ends of the line and stays connected to the shapes that you attach it to. The three types of connectors are straight, elbow (angled), and curved.



●To draw a straight line, click Line Button image, and then drag to draw the line an apply quick style!


●To draw a line connecting shapes!

Draw two oval object and on the first shape, point to where you want to attach the connector, click the first connection site, point to the other shape, and then click the second connection site.

Connection sites appear as red circles as you move the pointer over a shape.


Now Click one one object and move to another place!


●Draw a line without connection points!

now draw on slide!

! When you are finished drawing the line, double-click.