1.4.2 Software

Programs namely the list of instructions to be executed by Computer is known as the software of the Computer. There are different  types of software depending on the requirement of user or Computers.
Software mainly falls into two general categories: Application software

Refers to the programs, which allow the Computer to carry out specific tasks related to the users such as payroll processing, inventory control, or word processing. Application software may be supplied by the Computer manufacture or software vendors, or may be written by programmers. System software

Controls and coordinates Computer operations, and unifies all of the Computer components into a functional and smooth running system. System software also provides the Computer users with a means of gaining access to the system and its resources. The task of translating instructions into machine code is done by a special set of software called the Compiler. Operating system prepares the computer for use and also controls the different devices attached to the computer. Operating system & Compilers are the example of system software.