2.4.2 Changing Display Properties

Win XP offers variety of options that enable you to change the way the graphical user interface or desktop behaves. Double Click Display icon in Control Panel. Following screen appears.


To Change the background screen

You can change the background screen of the window with the help of options available in the background tab of display properties. Select the wallpaper and the display option from it and click on OK.


To change the screen save

With the help of screen saver tab one can set the desired screen saver, set the timing; assign a password for the screen saver to protect your files. To change the settings of the screen saver you can use the settings option

To change windows appearance style

One can change all the windows default settings with the help of appearance tab.Choosing a proper scheme places a representation of that scheme in appearances box. One can also define his own scheme and all it to the existing list.


To change the desktop effects:

Effects option present in Appearance tab is meant to set the icons for system objects on your desktop. Effects also include some window display attribute


Customize Desktop

Following steps can be used to vary the icons for system objects on the desktop:

  • In the General tab select the particular desktop icon you want to change
  • Click the change icon button. The change icon dialog box appears. The file name text box displays the particular file containing the icons. Select an icon and then choose Ok
  • If you want to use an icon from elsewhere, click on the browse button and search for other files containing that icons.