2.3 User Interface

Operating System provides an interface for the user to interact with the computer to performs various tasks.

Interface may be one the following type

1. Graphical User Interface ( GUI )

2. Command Line Interface /text based user interface

1.Graphical User Interface ( GUI )

Graphical based operating systems provide GUI to interact with computer. Graphical Icons are provided on the screen. With the help of various input devices these icons can be used to quickly give instructions to computer and also to start various programs.

In the Graphical User Interface, various Windows and their contents like Toolbar ,Menus, Icons, Radio Button, Check Boxes etc are included. To perform various tasks mouse and other pointing devices are used. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh etc are popular examples of Graphical User Interface based Operating Systems.


2. Command Line Interface

A command line operating system provides a command prompt on the computer screen. The commands are given to the computer by typing on the keyboard. The commands are typed according to the predefined format. The users have to memorize commands and rules of writing these commands. It is not an easy way to interface with the computer. MS DOS and LINUX provide text based interface to pass instruction to computer.