3.5.3 Bullets and Numbering

You can use bullets and numbers to make the lists in your document attractive and easy to read. You can bullet or number your lists by using either the Ribbon.

To get Bullets or numbers automatically as you type your list:

  • Type an asterisk (*) and a space or a tab.
  • Enter Text and press the Enter key.
  • Word turns the asterisk into a bullet and sets the spacing.

In the same way you can do for numbered lists. You can also bullet a paragraph by clicking on the bullet list button.

To Change the bullet style, follow these steps

  • Type a list of your favorite authors.
  • Select the Bullets and Numbering option of the format menu. The bullets and numbering dialog box gets invoked as displayed in figure below.
  • Click on the Bullets tab in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
  • Click to select a style of your choice.

 bullet  nbullet