3.4.2 Editing Text

This section includes how to insert, delete, modify and copy text. You can undo or redo the edits in a Word document by using the Undo or Redo options. Before you can start editing, the cursor must be moved to the location where the changes have to be made. Following Table lists the arrow keys used to move around in a document.


Consider the following paragraph:

When the end of the lines is reached, word automatically wrap text,eliminating the need to press the Enter key until you want to start a new paragraph.

Inserting Text:

Word is normally in the insert mode. The insertion point always stays with the text area. As you type in the text, it is pushed to the right and down. Pres insert from the keyboard to put Word back into the insert mode. A character is deleted by pressing either the Backspace or Del key. The del key removes a character from the current cursor position, the backspace key removes the character to the left of the cursor one position to the left. To insert a line, position the cursor at eh beginning of the liner or at the end of the line and press the Enter key.

Undoing Edits:

The undo command is used to reverse actions. Suppose you have drawn a circle of radlus 4 cm and you decide to delete it. Select the Undo option from the Edit menu, or click on the Undo button of the standard toolbar to do so. Alternatively, press Ctr+Z .

Redoing Edits:

The Redo option is used to reverse the last Undo. To redo a change, select the redo option from the Edit menu, or click on the Redo button of the Standard toolbar.Alternatively, press Ctr+Y.