3.3.5 Printing of Documents

To print a document, follow these steps:


  • Select the Print option from the File menu. Alternatively, click on the Print toolbar button of the standard toolbar. If printer is installed on the computer, Print dialog box gets invoked as displayed in the given figure.
  • In the Name box,selected the printer on which your document gets printed. If printer you use has options you can access them by clicking on the Properties option from the File menu.
  • Click on the Print to file check box to print the document to a file on the disk.
  • Enter the Number of copies to be printed in the Copies area.
  • To print a range of pages, specify the portion of the document you want to print in the Page Range box.
  • Click on the Pages radio button to include the page numbers or the page range, or the page numbers or the page range, or both.
  • To print a complete copy of he document copy of the document before the first page of the next copy is printed, click on the Collate check box.
  • If you want to print all the copies of the first page and then print all the copies of subsequent pages, clear the Collate check box.
  • Click on the OK button to send the copies to the printer.

To Print in the Reverse Order:

  • Select the Options tab from the Print Dialog Box
  • Print tab in the Options dialog box will be displayed
  • Click on the Reverse Check box under printing options area. Word prints the document in the reverse order, beginning with the last page. Do not select this option when you are printing an envelope.
  • Select the Draft output check box in the Options dialog box to print a document in draft quality.