3.3.4 Print Preview:

Previewing a document means viewing a screen representation of one or more pages before you print them. To print preview a document, the steps are:

  • Select the Print Preview option from the File menu. Alternatively, click on the Print Preview button on the standard toolbar. The Print preview window gets invoked as displayed in the given figure.
  • Use the Magnifier button or select the Zoom option from the view menu to enlarge the document.
  • By default, the ruler bar is not displayed in the Print preview, to adjust margins and indents by using the ruler bar.
  • In the print Preview select the Ruler option from the view menu.
  • Click the Magnifier button on the toolbar to close the Zooming.
  • Position the Mouse pointer on the Margin.
  • Move the mouse pointer until it changes to a black double headed arrow.
  • Click and drag the arrow left to right (in the horizontal ruler) or up to down (in the vertical ruler)


  • Click on the Close button of the Print Preview toolbar to close the Print preview window.