3.2.2 Office Button 

Clicking 'Office' button reveals a drop-down menu showing commands for file operations. These commands are described below in brief.

ms2New: When you click this button, the 'New Document' window comes up displaying three panes. The first pane shows a list of templates types, the second pane shows the templates available for the template type selected in the first pane and the third pane shows a preview of the template selected in second pane. You can start a new document based on a template selected from amongst these. By default, the blank document template is chosen. Clicking the Create button starts a new document based on the selected template. Notice that Word 2007 offers a wide variety of templates from the Microsoft Office Online.

Open: Starts the Open dialog where you can navigate to your documents folder, select an existing (i.e. previously saved) document and open it in Word window.

Save: Clicking Save button saves the current document if it has been given a name and saved earlier, otherwise it launches the Save As dialog.

Save As: Opens the Save As dialog. Here you can assign a name to a new document and save it. You may also rename a document saved earlier and save it with the new name.

Print: This command is used for printing the current document.

Prepare: Clicking this button opens a menu which provides inormation regarding the current document and has commands for preparing it for distribution.

Send: You may use this command to email a document or to fax it via internet.

Publish: This command allows you to create a blog post and publish it.

Close: You can close the current document using this button. However, the Word 2007 program keeps running.

Word Options: Opens the Word Options Dialog where you can chose your preferred settings for display, proofing, saving, language, etc. It also provides facility for customizing the Ribbon and the Quick access Toolbar.

Exit Word: Clicking this option closes the Word 2007 programme together with all open documents.