3.2.1 Opening word processing package

  • Click on start button at the bottom left corner of the taskbar on desktop 
  • Select the Programs option of the Start menu
  • Select the Microsoft Word option from the All Programs 




  • A new document window is displayed each time you start word  shown below. 


The document window contains a number of parts that are described below:

Title Bar:

Displays the name of the program, the name of currently active Word document,the Control menu icon, Maximize button, Minimize button a Restore and Close buttons.Double-clicking on the title bar can alter the size of the Word window


Ruler Bar:

It enables to format the vertical alignment of text in a document and is also used to set tab stops on a line of text. You can select the Ruler option from the View menu to display or hide the ruler bar


Status Bar:

It displays the information about the active document on which you are currently working. This includes the page number , the column and line number on which you have positioned you cursor. 




It is a working space of MS-word. we can create the document,create table and include images etc.Depending our interest we can the document data with different types of menu available in the word package


Task Bar:

It consists of Start button that is used to start and switch between applications that have been launched.


View Buttons:

The Word document window consists of five View buttons-Normal view, Web Layout View, Print Layout View, Outline view and Reading Layout view at the bottom left of the hor izontal scroll bar


Insertion Point:

It is a tall blinking vertical cursor that indicates the place where the text or graphics will be placed when you insert them.


Mouse Pointer:

It resembles an I-beam. The pointer charges shape when it passes over certain parts of the Word document window

Scroll Bars

The Word document window consists of two scroll bars-vertical scroll bar and horizontal scroll bar. The vertical scroll bar is used to move a document vertically while the horizontal scroll bar is used to move the document horizontally.