5.2.2 Wide Area Networks(WAN)

A wide area network (WAN) spans a large geographical area, often a country or continent. WAN is a geographically dispersed telecommunications network.

In most of the WANs, the network contains numerous cables or telephone lines, each one connecting a pair of routers. If two routers that don’t share a cable nevertheless wish to communicate, they must do it indirectly via other routers. When a packet is sent from one router to another via one or more intermediate routers, the packet is received in its entirely,stored there until the required output line is free, and then forwarded.

 Wide Area Networks, are used across the globe, many networks connect with one another across continents to create one giant Wide Area Network. Wide Area Networks use optic fibre as their communication medium. The largest example of a Wide Area Network is the internet itself, which connects all users to the information and data that is available on the the internet.


The Internet is an example of aglobal WAN .In fact it is the world’s largest WAN.