5.2.1 Local Area Network(LAN)

Local Area Network as the word itself defines is a network confined to a small area. It is a network of Computers that is privately owned and limited to a small room, single building or at most spread across the campus. There are three characteristics of LANs, which distinguish them from other types of networks.1) Size, 2) Transmission Technology,3)Topology


As mentioned above, LANs are restricted in size and usually spread across a range of 1 km of radius.

Transmission Technology:
It refers to the technology by which data from source is transmitted to the destination. These days varies from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Giga Bits per second) or even more.

Topology refers to the physical arrangement of placing computers. There are a number of topologies possible Like 

  • BUS Topology
  • RING Topology
  • STAR Topology
  • MESH Topology
  • TREE Topology

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks)

Wireless Local Area Networks are much like LAN networks, except they do not require network cables to connect each other. Radio and infrared signals are used to communicate between machines whilst using a wireless local area network.