7.4.3 Using Address book

You can use the Address Book to look up and select names and distribution lists when you address messages. When you type a name in the  To, Cc, or Bcc boxes if an e-mail message, Microsoft Outlook Outlook automatically checks to see if the name that you typed matches a name in the Address Book. If there is a match, the name is resolved, that is the display name and e-mail address is filled in, allowing you to send the message.

add_bookHere are the steps to navigate an address book in Microsoft Outlook..

  • Click Tools->Address Book.
  • On the Standard Toolbar, click Address Book
  • In the Address Book list, click the Address book in which you want to search for names.
  • In the search box, type the name, or part of a name, that you are searching for.


   Adding a new contact to Address book: You can add a new contact to your address book by the following ways..

  • Click Tools->Address Book.
  • In the dialog. click file-> New Entry; or
  • Click file menu and point to New and select Contact.

Here's the window below to add a new contact to your Address Book.