7.4 Advance email features

There is number of advance features of using email like Attachments, Spelling, checker, Using contacts from address box , Handling junk & spam, Using calendar, Using theme, Using signature and Vacation responder etc...


Calendar: Calendar activation is like a scheduler daily remind about any re schedule event on given date.

Theme: In the setting command/tool theme by clicking command and choose the color and other HD theme and add.

Signature: In setting general tab having signature and vacation responder section if required choose the signature radio button and insert the signature information.

Vacation Responder/Out of office Assistant: This is a type of delivery report send the receiving of the sending mail if recipient mail setting on the vacation mail option.

Security: In setting, account and import tab , by selecting change password or recovery password option it can be change and modify.

Word Count: This very feature in email composing or reading , you may know how many words are there in the email message body comes under Proofing group.