7.3.6 Sorting and Searching emails

You can quickly sort and search your email. There are view in the Microsoft Outlook window. Outlook provides predefined arrangements and field (columns) to sort by , or you can create your own custom sorts. When you finish reviewing your sorted items, you can also quickly remove the sort order and restore the previous view.



Sort by fields or columns

Click the field heading or column heading for the field or column that you want to sort by.

Sort by changing the arrangement

In a table on the View menu, click Arrange By, and then click the arrangement that you want.

Create a custom sort

  • On the View menu, point to Current View, and then click a view that shows items in a table, card, or icon view.
  • On the View menu, point to Arrange By, and then click Custom.


  • Click Sort.


  • In the Sort items by list, click a field to sort by. If the field that you want is not in the Sort items by list, click a different field set in the Select available fields from list.


Searching emails

Instant Search: In Microsoft  Outlook, a certain email can be easily searched. There are kind of search options available in Tool menu; you can go ahead to search..

  • Click Tools menu and;
  • Goto Instant Search and click Instant Search ; or
  • Press Ctrl + E