7.3.2 Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox

Mailbox is the container which contains all the email sent & receive to certain email account. It has a lot of folder which different the email sent, receive, junk, spam or deleted.

Inbox: Inbox is the place where all the incoming emails are stored and can be accessed through. As the name implies of inbox, this behaves like the same. It lists the email received into a relational table sorted according to the date.



Outbox: Outbox is place where all the sent data are stored until it is not fully sent. There is also section named sent mail which contains the list of fully delivered emails. Difference is only Outbox keeps the email which is pending to delivers and or not sent whereas Sent box keeps the list of fully delivered emails.


 Draft: It is place where message composed but not sent and even not queued to be sent. In other words, whatever messages we compose and save it is stored.

Junk: It is place where fake and spam kind of mail which contain virus, malware, spyware or do stealing data kind of activity, is stored. The email client application analyzes and sorts which to put in Inbox and which to junk.

Sent Items: It is the place where all the emails delivered are enlisted and can be reviewed. The difference between Outbox and Sent Box or Items has been discussed above.

Deleted Items: It is the place in Mailbox where all the deleted emails are stored to which you can reuse, send, forward or print, depends.